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Learn ancient Yogic techniques to befriend your soul & awaken your destiny

We’re all about inspiring people to be happier and healthier in daily life

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Offering courses

Awaken the Yogic
10 Bodies

Ancient Kundalini teachings and practises to awaken all ten bodies to live an awakened & joyful life.
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Clear and balance all 8 chakra centers through yogic movement, mantra & meditation
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& Calm

A blend of ancient & evidence informed yogic teachings to relax the body-mind
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Mind &

Learn a range of yogic techniques to explore, tame and direct your mind
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Divine feminine practises to empower and connect women
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Safe, gentle and effective yoga to support a healthy pregnancy & baby
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Develop ease, joy, knowing and liberation in this lifetime

Are you interested in research on yoga? If so, here are some links

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Kundalini Yoga

Plug in and prepare to be challenged, energised, inspired and deeply grateful for life!

Perinatal Yoga

Gentle movement, mantras and meditations that mind mother & baby’s health and psychological wellbeing during the precious journey of pregnancy.

Mind & Meditation

Evidenced benefits include calmer emotions, better decision making, clearer thought process, reduced stress, increased creativity, attention, concentration and overall psychological wellbeing.

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Your Yoga Teacher
Lorna Kerin

Lorna Kerin (Jai Ram Kaur) has been practising yoga for 25 years and has been teaching for 15 years. She is the founder and main teacher at Love Knowledge Yoga Studio.

Lorna Keirns

Laura Charette

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Vette Longoria

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Jessica Dover

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Michal ruheen

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